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The perfect décor of our homes is the dream of every person and people don’t hesitate to spend millions of dollars on it. People with high aesthetic taste always look for unique masterpieces because they know their worth. If you love distinguishing décor items then Salt Glow is the right option for you as we offer the BEST Himalayan Salt Lamps. Our lamps not only increase the exquisiteness of your home, but also confirm that you don’t settle for less than perfect. The perfect chiseling and natural edges of our lamps exhibit the unusual skills of our experts while the natural pink color of the lamp produces eye-catching glow which soothes the mind. Why are our Himalayan Salt Lamps the Best? The distinctive design and perfectly highlighted detailing of our salt lamps make them stand out, and quickly become the conversation piece in your home or space. We personally import our lamps directly from Pakistan. Assuring Authenticity, and providing fair trade. Salt Glow Himalayan salt lamps are the best for the following reasons; Offer comforting dimmable Low-Light Unlike other artificial light lamps, our salt lamps generate light orange colored light which never casts a negative impact on the mind. We take special care in the selection of our bulbs providing you with the best output of heat to gently warm your salt and keep those negative ions doing their job!. You will never find a blue or purple shaded glow in the lamps of Salt Glow as we are aware of the possible side effects of these lights after evening. Soothing for Allergies Salt is hygroscopic which means it absorbs water molecules from the air. Best Himalayan salt lamps are made with the best salt which is capable of collecting dirt, pollen, and harmful smoke particles. Special care is taken in the selection of the salt and our experts opt for only the best one as we excellence is our standard and we never compromise over it. Breathe in the clean air and say ‘NO’ to asthma and allergy symptoms. Increase Energy Level Stay closer to the nature by buying the best Himalayan Salt lamps. These lamps generate negative ions and replace the positive icons which sap our bodies of energy. These lamps are highly effective when it comes to increase the energy level. Cordial Mood and Better Concentration The negative ions of the salt improve the blood and oxygen level in the body which boost serotonin hormones responsible for the happy mood. Our experts design the lamp in a way that it spreads more negative ions in the environment and maximizes the benefits of our best Himalayan salt lamps. How to Choose a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Salt Glow offers different types of Himalayan Salt lamps and every lamp is a definition of perfection. Deep Amber Himalayan Salt lamp, Coral Himalayan Salt Lamp, Coral Himalayan Lamps are just a few types which we offer variation in size and colors. Always consider dimensions, bulb type, and the surface of the lamp in order to make a lucrative deal and enjoy the perks of the best Himalayan lamps in the finest way.