White rare Himalayan Salt Lamp on table
White Himalayan Salt Lamp on table with pink salt lamp
Rose wood base for white salt lamp
15 watt bulb for Himalayan Salt Lamp
Close up of Salt Glow dimmer cord and switch

Salt Glow

White Himalayan Salt Lamp (Rare)

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Formed over 250 years ago... Located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains, deep in the underground mines of Khewra, Pakistan. You will find the origin of the only source of true Himalayan pink salt.

These mines were created by the pressure exerted on the large mountain range by the ancient sea. Salt is mined from deep within these mountains. Handcrafted; left to dry in the sun, preserving its natural organic composition.
Mineral concentration determines the hues of light pink to pinkish orange. Our Himalayan salt lamp does much more than providing you with a pretty GLOW...
With over 84 minerals, and trace elements found, you can bring the invigorating benefits of standing near a waterfall or relaxing in the presence of your favorite tropical vacation spot, into your home, nursery, spa, or office.

The Himalayan Salt lamp by the virtue of their origin, expend the same invigorating vitality to the atmosphere. Just as, rainstorms, lightning, wind, and sunlight all work together to create these ions in nature.
Electrical charges make the air rich with oxygen and create the ions needed for air clarity in the process.
These negative ions stimulate the flow of oxygen to your brain and in this way increase your mental alertness and energy.

With continuous use, you can feel a subtle change in the energy around you, purify the air you breathe and get the restful night sleep you deserve.
Bring this affordable geological treasure into your life, and BE the light.

Because each lamp is hand mined in natural form, exact dimensions and weight vary.


Each lamp comes with a UL Certified 6ft dimmer cord.

An E-12/110V 15W bulb offering over 2000 hrs.of continuous use. 

Mounted on a sturdy Rosewood base.